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We DO have school today. See you there! (Lewiston students should expect to be picked up 2 hours late,  as there is a 2 hour delay in Lewiston).


We had a great talent show at the school on Thursday, January 28th. Several students participated, and all had a fun time celebrating each others’ successes!


We have scheduled a talent show for the area residents on March 19th at the Poland town hall, too. We’ll have more information as time passes, but make sure to let your friends and family know!


In the meantime…

Jon and Tamyson of Brilliant Smiles came to our school this week to talk with the k-4 students about dental hygiene. Thank you!





Beth (from Future Foods in Mechanic Falls) drew the names for us.
The winners will be announced soon!

For more on what’s been happening at our school, please check out our newsletters.

Making volcano

Making a volcano

A little soggy from the rain, but still turned out great!

A little soggy from the rain, but still turned out great!

Visiting teacher/archeologist had the classes' rapt attention.

Visiting teacher/archeologist had the classes’ rapt attention.

Shooting corks with mentos and Coke

Shooting corks with Mentos and Coke

From The Next Generation Foundation:
Poland Spring Academy offers a very needed educational alternative, and does so with limited resources and lots and lots of heart. The staff is exemplary of the kind dedication that makes Maine a great place to live. The Next Generation Foundation is pleased to offer a grant of $50,000 in student activities and building maintenance.