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We have a limited selection of PSA shirts on sale right now.

New, short or long sleeved, small and med adult sizes are only $10 !

We also have gently used shirts (for past field trips), short and long sleeved, small, medium, and large adult sizes, for $5 each.

Stop in at the office, or contact Crystal for more information!

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If you haven’t already, please take time to read and sign the student handbook with your child(ren). We don’t want to have any surprises for students and/or parents regarding rules and expectations.

Also, please remember to inform us of any changes in contact information. Unfortunately, there have been times when we needed to contact parents regarding emergencies but were unable to quickly because their phone numbers had changed. Please don’t let this happen to your child(ren); keep us up-to-date!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch through e-mail or phone.

Welcome back to school, everyone!


Beth (from Future Foods in Mechanic Falls) drew the names for us.
The winners will be announced soon!

For more on what’s been happening at our school, please check out our newsletters.

Making volcano

Making a volcano

A little soggy from the rain, but still turned out great!

A little soggy from the rain, but still turned out great!

Visiting teacher/archeologist had the classes' rapt attention.

Visiting teacher/archeologist had the classes’ rapt attention.

Shooting corks with mentos and Coke

Shooting corks with Mentos and Coke

From The Next Generation Foundation:
Poland Spring Academy offers a very needed educational alternative, and does so with limited resources and lots and lots of heart. The staff is exemplary of the kind dedication that makes Maine a great place to live. The Next Generation Foundation is pleased to offer a grant of $50,000 in student activities and building maintenance.